05 May 2016

Rangers News Championship Edition: 37 and Counting, May 1978

by Gary Havlin | Contributor

Eight months after the famous Queen song was released, the editorial team at the Rangers News stole the song's title for the Headline of the Rangers News Issue No. 351 published on May 3rd 1978.

A 2-0 victory over Motherwell at Ibrox secured Rangers the Scottish League Title for the 37th time, and this edition captures some great photographs from the day, not least the famous image splashed across the front page.

'Inside Ibrox' on Page 2 makes for great reading, giving an insight into life at the Club in the late '70s including an umbrella left by a Rangers fan available for uplift at the main door and look out for Derek Parlane striking a pose in an advert for Fiat! (And don't get worried about your internet connection: Page 10 is MIA.)


11 November 2015

Rangers Great War Effort

Former Celtic player Corporal Wm. Angus V.C being led onto the Ibrox pitch by Rangers Director Wm. Craig in 1915. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for saving a wounded Officer's life & leaving himself with no escape from enemy fire, receiving over 40 very serious wounds. (Pic @FoundersTrail)

by Gary Havlin | Contributor

When Armistice Day was inaugurated on 11 November 1919 in the grounds of Buckingham Palace by King George V, who asked his subjects at 1100 hours, "to cease activity, to stand with bowed heads and think of the fallen," there can be no doubt that staff at Rangers under the stewardship of William Wilton and Bill Struth would have loyally obeyed the command.

10 August 2015

Samuel Richmond Cox – The Darvel Marvel

by Gary Havlin | Contributor

"A wonder player, no matter his position ( except goal!). He takes pride of place over the many great football personalties of the present, principally because of his versatility and his ability to give a top class performance, no matter the occasion, be it for team or country. He has a natural eye and feeling for a ball and I doubt if anyone can clip a ball so hard and direct with either foot. In fact he is so adept with both right and left that it's difficult to judge that he's a natural right. As a full-back his positioning and tackling – where does he get the strength in the tackle for one so slight in frame – are unexcelled."

04 August 2015

Rangers News: 1st Edition – 4 August 1971

by Gary Havlin | Contributor

It's been 44 years since the first ever issue of the Rangers News hit the newsagents. The opening editorial described it as, "a newspaper about the Club – for the supporters. Not just those who follow the team every week or those turn out only occasionally, but for the many fans scattered over Scotland, England and overseas, who can only keep in touch with Rangers F.C. through T.V. or the national press."

21 June 2015

Glasgow from the Ibrox Press Box - The Story Behind the Photo

This fantastic old panoramic photograph shown below is taken from the old Ibrox Press Box and appears in the 1954 Rangers Supporters Association Annual, along with an article describing the scene as only the language from 1954 can, and detailing the effort involved in capturing such an image. The article is reproduced in full below, with some notes from myself in italics........