21 June 2015

Glasgow from the Ibrox Press Box - The Story Behind the Photo

This fantastic old panoramic photograph shown below is taken from the old Ibrox Press Box and appears in the 1954 Rangers Supporters Association Annual, along with an article describing the scene as only the language from 1954 can, and detailing the effort involved in capturing such an image. The article is reproduced in full below, with some notes from myself in italics........

Panoramic View

Full size photograph HERE

To get this picture many things had to coincide. Clear atmosphere, a crowded Stadium, players on the sward, a photographer and an Editor in the Press Box. We have been trying for four years to get the combination. We succeeded on 15th August 1953 at the Rangers v. Hamilton Ac. match. (For the record, the match was a League Cup Section C game, Rangers won 5-1 with a hat-trick from Grierson and a brace from Paton, attendance recorded as 35,000.)

In days of yore from beyond that line of hills in the background, the familiar Campsies, came the MacColls, the MacIntoshes, the MacPhails, the MacCullochs, the MacMillans, the MacGregors and kindred clans. They swept through the Lowland plain to bereft it of some of its wealth which they took back behind the line.

Today, their descendants return the loot in full in the shape of wonderfully entertaining afternoons at the Stadium and other football grounds. In front of the hills we see innumerable spires directing men to a higher and nobler life.

And here below translating the Golden Rule into action on the field and in private life we have sportsmen in Royal Blue who are following a host of others who have sought "to do unto others as they would that others do to them."

There is the tower of Gilmorehill, beloved by her sons and daughters and respected by all who hail from Glasgow. In the past Doc. Marshall and Doc. Paterson ( former players) have been there and in the present J.L. Little and A. Millar are there, to mention only four of a distinguished group of Rangers players who have sought a way of life and living beneath that tower.

Dominating the foreground are the cranes, the biggest in the world is there (can you pick it out?), the shipyards, the dear Clyde, the docks, the works of all descriptions. In this issue we read of Dave Meiklejohn at work somewhere here, (He worked at the Docks on the Clyde. The article in the issue tells of the day, the morning of a match, Meiklejohn was reported to have drowned at work, and answering a phone call from an anxious Ibrox asking if Meiklejohn had been 'fished lifeless from the Clyde') and the majority of players and supporters are men of industry. We are reminded here that without industry all would fade, spires and Stadium, all would become a dream.

And right in the foreground is the Stadium itself. Scene of many a brilliant victory, and trying defeat. In the left hand corner we are reminded of the team spirit, we are reminded that Union is Strength. (Huge billboard says,'Scotland's strength depends on co-operation'.) It is the spirit that inspires our team. May it one day infuse all supporters.

This we think is one of the finest views of its kind, perhaps the best from any sports ground. May it bring sweet memories to the exile, cheer to the sufferers in hospital, and interest to all our readers old and young.

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