05 May 2016

Rangers News Championship Edition: 37 and Counting, May 1978

by Gary Havlin | Contributor

Eight months after the famous Queen song was released, the editorial team at the Rangers News stole the song's title for the Headline of the Rangers News Issue No. 351 published on May 3rd 1978.

A 2-0 victory over Motherwell at Ibrox secured Rangers the Scottish League Title for the 37th time, and this edition captures some great photographs from the day, not least the famous image splashed across the front page.

'Inside Ibrox' on Page 2 makes for great reading, giving an insight into life at the Club in the late '70s including an umbrella left by a Rangers fan available for uplift at the main door and look out for Derek Parlane striking a pose in an advert for Fiat! (And don't get worried about your internet connection: Page 10 is MIA.)


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